OxyBreath Pro: Say goodbye to traditional facemasks

The OxyBreath pro mask is the hottest and trending product on the market. The OxyBreath pro mask has become quite attractive and necessary within a short amount of time. The mask doesn’t only protect you from dust and pollution, but also viruses and germs. 

Let’s find out if it’s worth it with this in-depth final review.

We live in a world filled with many problems. Among those problems, some are minor, and some are major. One of the biggest significant problems is pollution. The air is filled with germs, viruses, bacteria because of pollution. These viruses cause us many diseases, which may even lead us to death. We do not understand the impact of pollution on our health. Therefore, we couldn’t care less. But nowadays, the harms that pollution causes us with has gone beyond our control. We can not help but take the responsibility to keep ourselves safe from pollution. 

OxyBreath pro

The Oxybreath Pro is a new state of the art technology. It’s a technique developed face mask to use daily. It is made out of high-quality premium materials that give you protection from germs and viruses. It has a unique design to give you comfort in your daily life.

What is OxyBreath Pro?

The OxyBreath pro is a mask that protects you from all kinds of harmful particles and viruses that floats in the air. Unlike every other traditional mask, it is unique and does a better job than others. The traditional masks just cover our face to prevent our nose and mouth to inhale the polluted air. But the OxyBreath pro just doesn’t prevent harmful particles from being inhaled by us. It also eliminates all viruses, germs, and bacterias, which can not be seen with naked eyes. 

The OxyBreath pro was designed with advanced technology to kill the virus and germs. It has a built-in air valve which filters out the oxygen that you inhale from your surroundings. The air valve has some unique technology to assure you of your protection from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Why do you need the OxyBreath Pro mask?

The OxyBreath Pro is a life-saver at times. This unique mask is beneficial to use in such an environment, where a high amount of dust is usually within the air. 

Come to think of it, that level of polluted air is pretty much all around us. So, polluted air means air full of germs, viruses, and dust. Without knowing, we inhale them daily and throw ourselves in the hands of life-threatening diseases. Just think of the most recent event of COVID-19. The speedy increase of the “coronavirus” spread is a bell ringer for all of us. 

But every other people can use the OxyBreath Pro daily. Especially those who have diseases affecting their lungs and causing breathing difficulties such as Asthma. The doctors recommend that the OxyBreath Pro has the potential to reduce the risk of getting infected by germs and viruses at a lower rate.  

Features of the OxyBreath Pro 

The OxyBreath Pro specs are mentioned below for you you to understand the benefits better:

Size: The mask has an approximated size of around 27×14 cm. which fits perfectly and protects your mouth and nose from inhaling polluted air filled with viruses and germs. 

Mask style: The mask has the hanging ear style. You wear it around your ears and attach the elastic strings from behind your ear. 

Product Fabric: The OxyBreath Pro has microfibre as it’s primary materials. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is finer, softer, and smoother than silk itself. The mask is made out of premium Polyurethane material. The mask has five layers of high-quality Polyurethane.

Function: The mask uses the Medical-grade KN95 filter, which reduces the risk of getting infected by viruses and germs. The OxyBreath pro has been lab-tested and clinically approved to prevent the risk of infection.

Breathing valve: OxyBreath pro has a built-in Air Valve which filters out the polluted air containing all kinds of harmful viruses and germs. Therefore, you inhale the natural, dust, and germs free air full of oxygen.

The mask uses the latest upgrading of the air valve. The 3.0 is an updated version breathing valve that ensures the mask’s protection for preventing infectious diseases. 

Double-layer filtration: The air valve of the OxyBreath Pro uses PM2.5, two layers of filter to assure you of its capability. The First layer filters dust and bigger dots, whereas the second layer pulls in the rest of the unfiltered virus and germs. 

Nanotechnology: It has nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) within its filter. The TiO2 absorbs radiation and viruses from the polluted air that you inhale from the surroundings.  

Resistance: The mask is anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-pollution, and knows what it has to do for your protection. 

Potentiality: The mask filters out 95.99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, and smoke.

Reusability: OxyBreath pro is reusable and washable and can be used for at least six months straight, without the risk of being torn.

Variation: The mask is available in a lot of different colors for you to choose from.

What makes Oxybreath Pro Mask Better Than Others?

You must be wondering what makes it so special. Well, the straight-up answer is its unique quality and features. Please allow me to explain them in short.

OxyBreath Pro is medically approved.

First of all, the OxyBreath pro is made out of approved Medical quality premium materials. Every other mask found in any medical store happens to be way ordinary than they claim. They are usually made out of very low-quality fabrics, which kills its sole purpose of protecting you from pollutions. In comparison, the OxyBreath pro is made out of “A” class medically approved fabric. 

What this premium quality fabric does is, your face, nose, and mouth stay protected from germs and viruses. And not to mention, this mask does not cause any skin irritation or suffocation. This musk was designed to be in sync with every type of skin. Without a doubt, this OxyBreath pro will not cause you any skin rashes or irritation. 

OxyBreath Pro gives full protection.

The OxyBreath pro is far from ordinary. This technology applied creation will cover your full mouth and nose without causing any irritations. While giving you comfort, the OxyBreath pro protects you from inhaling infectious germs, viruses, dust, and bacteria.

OxyBreath Pro is Washable, Reusable, and Portable 

As I have previously mentioned, the Oxybreath Pro is reusable. You can easily wash the mask with your hand or just put it inside the washing machine. It is recommended to wash at least once every week or so. 

Due to the mask being very portable, you can carry it anywhere you go. It is very lightweight and always there for your needs. 

The OxyBreath pro has premium quality materials, which makes it very sustainable. In contrast, traditional masks are made of low-quality materials. So the risk of the masks being damaged is always high. However, the OxyBreath pro allows washing and reusing the mask without the fear of tearing or damaging the mask. 

OxyBreath Pro kills VIrus and Germs.

Traditional masks do not give assurance to protect you from germs and bacteria. On the other hand, Oxybreath Pro Mask may restrict the entry of germs, bacteria, and harmful viruses. It may protect your mouth and nose from dust, pollutants, smoke, and tiny airborne particles.

The OxyBreath pro assures you of eliminating all germs and viruses. The traditional masks protect you from dust but don’t kill the virus. However, the OxyBreath Pro just doesn’t protect you from dust and pollution. The mask also protects you by killing the viruses with the nanotechnology built and placed inside the air valve. The titanium dioxide kills the viruses for you, and you inhale fresh oxygen. 

Experiences of OxyBreath Pro Users

At the first look, the OxyBreath Pro mask might seem an exaggerated and glorified traditional mask. Indeed, it hides its true potential behind the same glorified exterior look and design. This mask saves you from inhaling any kind of polluted air, toxic environment, infectious places, and much more. The small valve protects our breathing by preventing inhalation of all viruses, germs, and dust that roams in the air. Many users have shown their satisfaction after using the OxyBreath Pro. You can find them all over the internet. But, I have collected a few to help you better understand its worth and importance in every aspect of our lives. 


My name is Dean, and I’m from Houston, Texas. I work in a small corporate office in the central city. I don’t have a car, so I use the bus instead. The distance from my house to the bus stop is around 3-5 minutes. By the time I reach the bus stop, I always had to cover up my nose and mouth because of the dust. Since I have Asthma, that caused more problems for me than others. I had to pump in my inhaler a couple of times, even before reaching the office. I used to wear masks, but they didn’t help as they were very thin for the dust to break in. And the straps were not very comfy. 

One of my colleagues knew about my problem and suggested that I check out the OxyBreath pro. I looked over the internet and saw a good number of positive reviews. I ordered it within the 2nd day of research and received it within a couple of days. When I started wearing the mask, I was surprised. The mask didn’t heal my Asthma, but I stopped having asthma attacks. I didn’t feel any discomfort while going through any dusty environment wearing the mask. I am pleased with the OxyBreath Pro. Made my life easier and better. 

Who Manufactures OxyBreath Pro?

A company named Applexa Limited is the primary manufacturers of this incredible mask. But the hypertech is the official distributor of this product.

Their contact information is right below:


International: +44 20 3808 9234 (24/7 availablity)

Address: Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

OxyBreath Pro prices

The OxyBreath Pro is set to the price of $49 for each of the masks. But, the manufacturers have added the opportunity of potential discounts when you buy in volumes. For instance, if you order two masks, each of them will cost you $35, which is $14 less than the declared price. The price will start dropping, and the cheapest deal you will get is for $27 for each of the masks, only if you place an order of 5 of them. 

Not to forget, for every order, the shipping will be free of cost. You don’t have to pay for the shipping charge, and your mask will be delivered to your doorstep. You just pay for the mask and receive them accordingly. While placing the order, you will see an option asking to pay an additional $9 to receive the privilege of a 3year warranty. But that is up to you if you want to take advantage of this option or not.

Where get the OxyBreath Pro?

After going through the article and coming to know about all the features and benefits of OxyBreath Pro, you might have thought, how do you get this. 

Well, The OxyBreath Pro is available at a lot of market places, and you can order from any one of those. But, it is always best to get from the official manufacturers. Buying it from the official site gives the assurance of getting the best product and service.

How to order OxyBreath Pro?

To place an order for OxyBreath pro, follow down the link below. That will take you to the official website of OxyBreath Pro. There you will see a short form asking for your necessary information, such as name, primary phone number, email address. After filling out the first part of the form, proceed to the checkout. You can pay via both PayPal and credit cards. After making the payment, your order will be confirmed, and an invoice will be sent to the email address you provided. There you go, your order has been placed. Now just wait for 5 to 7 business days for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

Final Verdict

The world has many horrors. Some we can see, others we can not. The virus and germs in one of the biggest threats to us. They cause us to harm that we don’t even notice until it’s too late. It is our life and ours alone to protect.

To protect ourselves and our loved ones from such terrors of virus-caused diseases, we have to take steps. We have to fight to survive, and the OxyBreath Pro is just the companion you need to fight the invisible enemy. Put the mask on and let it do its job of protecting you. The mask will protect you and your loved ones from the virus and germs. 

So, without further delay, get yours and protect yourself and your family. 

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