How To Decorate A Small Bedroom And Make The Most Out Of The Space

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom And Make The Most Out Of The Space

For many people looking to update their small bedroom, decorating it could be a challenging proposition, mostly because of its diminutive stature. While the smallness factor is the concern that many owners would have, a small bedroom doesn’t have to be a deal breaker and left to its own devices to sit with no resolution in sight. Rather, with the proper care and attention, a small bedroom can make a bold statement. All it takes is planning and creativity.


Before plunging into a project with no direction, homeowners or apartment dwellers would be wise to list all of the things they hope to accomplish in the room. Planning every detail from the floors to the ceiling is also the best way to get the best bang for their decorating dollars.


Finances play an important factor in the room redesign for money often dictates how much of an investment the owner can make. With a list in hand, they should determine how much they want to spend on painting the walls, covering the floor and soft furnishings such as curtains or blinds.


Note that furniture should also be added to the list. Furniture is usually the last thing that is added to the room, mainly because it is easier to paint, move around and add flooring, etc., while the bedroom is still vacant. Before a final selection is made on the furniture, the homeowner should have its dimensions included in their notes. There is nothing worse than finding out on the delivery day that the furniture the owner selected will not fit into the bedroom.

Bedroom Suite

A full bedroom suite might cause a room to appear cluttered. For sure the bed must fit. Beyond that, the owner must decide whether they will eliminate pieces of the bedroom suite or find smaller pieces to fit into space.


The central goal is to make the room as comfortable as possible. Staying away from bold colors in favor of using calming whites, beiges and yellows will usually complement any size space. Without being too matchy matchy, varying shades of the wall colors could also be added to window treatments.


Once the installation of the soft furnishings has been completed, homeowners can add the bed and any other furniture which might fit into the room. Style should not be compromised in a monochrome-colored room. Adding a design feature that the homeowner adores will make the room extra special.

For example, opting for vertical or wide horizontal blinds instead of heavy draperies might provide an ideal scenario for some. Still, others might prefer the airiness of sheers at their window.


Since the bed will be the focal point in a small room, dress it up in style as well. A nice comforter and assorted pillows in a contrasted color to the rest of the decor could also heighten the appeal factor of a small bedroom.

With a lot of ingenuity, there is no reason a small bedroom can not look as if it stepped out of a home and garden magazine, and what some only envisioned as a dream can become a reality.

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