How To Decorate A Boys Bedroom Tips And Advice To Consider

How To Decorate A Boys Bedroom Tips And Advice To Consider

Decorating a boy’s room involves a lot more considerations than just design, but we will consider those as we address each aspect. First a decision regarding the base color must be taken. It is considered as a universal rule of thumb that the color blue is a boy’s color. Let’s not deviate from this and go with a base color of blue.

A child’s room cannot be too cluttered. They do a very effective job of doing just that all by themselves. Some fundamentals however remain a part of the design, like some place for the child to scribble or write on. A whiteboard or blackboard should be mounted on one of the walls with easy access.

Buys generally tend to be into some typically boy’s stuff, like cars, bikes, airplanes, superheroes etc. This can be displayed as part of the wallpaper, or some posters depicting all the above. Whatever you do, remember to install wallpaper that can be wiped. Children tend to be messy and this will be a problem when deciding flooring. Generally parents would like to have a child’s room carpeted so as to reduce the risk of a child falling on a hard floor and hurting themselves. Children also love to run barefoot. There are some pretty effective tough and non stain carpets available.

A child is incredibly creative. There should be areas in his room to express this creativity. Playing area, painting area, studying area all need to be considered in the relativity small confines of a room. These can be unified into one area as a sort of table or workbench. The table or workbench can be accompanied by wall mounted racks, so as to store different things, such as books, paints etc.

Storage is another issue that needs to be addressed in a child’s room. The bed can have storage, built underneath it, in the form of pull out drawers. Additional storage can be in the form of a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Windows in child’s room should be large so as to let enough light in and render the room airy. The drapes or curtains can be of a similar theme as the wallpaper or perhaps a map of the solar system. Boys love a good solar system map. These days blinds are also a good solution. They lift up and out of the way.

All the furniture in a child’s room should have corners that are tapered, no sharp corners. The number one reason for accidents in a child’s room is sharp corners of furniture. Also, furniture should not be such that a child, especially a boy can climb onto and try to jump off. Pediatricians are full of stories of children that jump off tables or chest of drawers pretending they are superman.

Depending on how old the child is, there should be room for a computer. Younger children should not have computers or televisions in their rooms. Telephones are a strict no. Other electronic devices such as game-boy, X-Box should be left to the discretion of the parents, as a child grows older.

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