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Home decor tips for blank walls or spaces

In my opinion, nothing could be much more disastrous than a big blank space on your wall. First of all, it really looks bleak and boring and bleak not to mention. So, what to do? You could try a lot of stuff such as trying different colors or patterns to make the wall a bit more exciting and vibrant to some extent. Or you can hang beautiful artwork to make it look less “not attractive”.

Home decor tips for blank walls or spaces

Well, you have a lot of options to choose from. However, here a few options that I would suggest for you to try.


Home decor tips with plants

The first thing you can do is try to put some plants to that side of the wall or hang them using different options found on markets. We can not deny the fact that plants have the ability to create a natural ambiance to any place including your home and particularly that specific blank wall. It helps to create a healthy-looking space along with the overall environment and connects you to nature.

Home wall decor tips with plants

A plant will look marvelous next to an artwork perhaps. My personal suggestion will be an Aloe Vera plant as it contains great health benefits if used properly and not forget will look absolutely stunning. Aloe vera juices are very helpful if you have sunburn or slap cheek perhaps. Simply apply the juice directly to the affected skin and see the result shortly yourself.

Paint the Wall

Home decor tips for blank walls or spaces

Perhaps you are an arty person who loves to draw or paint. If so, you can simply paint your own design on the wall using your imagination. I feel it is going to be a very fun experience since the whole wall is going to be your canvas and you will have an endless number of thoughts to put on the walls with your painting skills.

You will literally be able to paint or draw anything on the walls. From a beautiful waterfall to a nice green island in the middle of the sea or maybe a lake with crystal clear water and blue skies. Honestly, it is unique, it stands out and helps you exhibit your painting skills.


Home decor tips for blank walls or spaces

Now, we all know what tapestries are. For those who don’t, tapestries are a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing. They are basically the new trend now for home decoration. A tapestry with colors and design patterns matching the environment of your overall home will look absolutely stunning on the wall. They basically go everywhere and not just walls particularly.

Aside from the blank wall, you can put them on the ceiling, doors, or any room. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, they are quite diverse and handy also not too heavy. Therefore, mere pins will hold them up just fine. You will have the liberty to use them in any way you like. For instance, tight or baggy, doesn’t really matter depending on the look you are trying to get. Tapestries come in various themes therefore it is quite crucial to pick the right ambiance for your wall. Hippy, trippy, animal, nature, scenery, space, bohemian, and many many more.

Well, if it still doesn’t get you the satisfaction that you crave, you can try and paint the wall with a new color or try on some patterns. Still, lacking the excitement? Go for a pattern design tapestry. Then put it on the wall and add some fairy lights around to give it a sparkling feel. I believe it will make the wall feel warmer and romantic. Think of it as your very own personal creative space that you put your efforts to build. It will feel magnificent, wonderful, and glorious as it is your own victory.

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