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Home decor ideas for living room in small spaces

An apartment house is designed to be useful in a small place at the same time stylish. You can always decorate them in your own way to make them look more attractive and welcoming.

However, it is very crucial that you don’t compromise any space while decorating. As a result, you will be able to do a total redo of the overall decoration without actually making the place filled up.

Here are some ways you can try and they might come helpful.

Display what is valuable

No matter how much you want to put a coffee table in your living room, It is not advisable in general. Because condos are usually smaller than traditional homes as we all know. Therefore, it is quite necessary to keep things at a minimum. Try and go for a pair of armchairs along with a love seat instead of going for a big and bulky sofa. You can use a side instead of a real coffee table to save space and as an alternative. Try and get rid of unnecessary items from the living room as well. Only put the items to display which are valuable. It is no brainer that few valuable items are always better than an overly decorated room. Besides, this gives you the assurance of having enough space to move freely.

Picking the right furniture

Picking the right furniture for the living room is very important and needs some thought before the purchase. When looking for home decor furniture for the living room, make sure not to compromise space for beauty. It is recommended to go for furniture that has multifunctional attributes and definitely not too big or bulky. You can buy chairs that have double storage capacity which you can use for trinkets and books. You can try the side tables that can serve as closets as well to keep small stuff. Instead of bulky cabinets, you may go for closets that can be bolted to the walls. Besides, if you have the budget, you can go for home entertainment furnishings which you can install on the walls.

Paint with natural colors

The paint color of the wall allows you to express what do you want your home to convey. It is very important to your journey of home decor for the living room. We can not deny that spaciousness brings comfort, and the paint color expresses them in a good way. It is suggested to go for natural colors. Natural and light colors give out the illusion of spaciousness and send a warm message to your guests. Blue-grey has a calming effect while yellow resonates a warm feeling. You will be able to decorate your living room within a short budget by understanding these characteristics.

Hanging mirrors in the living room

Hanging mirrors in the living room

Hanging mirrors in your living room is a great idea for home decoration. Mirrors reflect and scatter light throughout the area. As a result, your living room will look more spacious for the light. However, placing the mirrors in the perfect spots is very crucial and therefore you should take your time to put in some thoughts. Also, make sure not to put an excessive mirror as it can cause some bad impacts to the overall environment.

Keep the Windows Open

One of the best ways to decorate the living room is to take advantage of the windows but only if privacy is not an issue. It is always a good choice to keep the windows open, as it allows natural lights and fresh air to enter your home. You can try hanging sheer curtains instead of solid linen as it will allow natural lights to come through. Being able to see the outside from the window will give out the illusion that the living room is spacious. Besides, without having to put wallpaper on the walls, the outdoor becomes a part of the living room indirectly.


Now, if you are planning for the living room decoration then, rugs are a necessity. Rugs have the ability to provide added luxury and class to your home. Therefore, it would be a great choice to put rugs in the living room to extend the beautification of the living room. However, it would be suggested to go for two rugs instead of one. Try and place the rugs apart with enough distance in the middle. It will help make your living room look wider and bigger. The edges of the rugs should touch the ned of an area, while the distance between them gives out the impression of extra space. If you use only one rug, it might hand out the illusion of the limitation in space in the living room.

Final thoughts

So, above were few ideas that you could try to decorate your living room without compromising spaces. You can come up with your own ideas or try and modify the above ones to give you the right amount of satisfaction. Remember, at the end of the day, this is your home, and decorate it using your own imagination. It will also help relieve stress and the monotony form regular life and will take you on a new adventure.

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