Ecoheat S: Affordable room heater with unique features

I will go over precisely what Ecoheat S is and touch on so many critical information you need to know. This will be a thorough review that will give you all the information you need to know about this device.

What is Ecoheat S

Put merely, Ecoheat S is a portable heating device. It is made with high-grade ceramic compounded with a stylish and premium finish.

The good part is that technology never stops evolving. Right now, it serves an actual cherry on top for cold winter nights—EcoHeat S! This revolutionary and eco-friendly heater will not only bring back warmth to your house but will decrease your heating costs also! The main focus of this entire device is to be a great heater without wasting electricity. It is a practical, money-saving solution to most of the problems occurring during the cold seasons!

How does it work

This little device sucks the cold air in from one side, heats it by running it through the internal heat radiator, and spits out the warm and cozy air we are all looking for. It is USB powered and consumes minimal energy…. meaning this portable heater will save you some precious cash on your electricity bill compared to more traditional heaters.


Tip-over protection

Over-heat protection

ABS fire-retardant plastic material

Provides up to 70-degrees coverage

LCD display

Temperature adjustment feature

Three modes (hot / warm / natural wind)


Portable (8.3’’/21cm x 5.5’’/14cm)

Premium finish design

Easy to use

Easy to carry around

Features of Ecoheat S 

An Ecoheat S review won’t be complete without listing some exciting features this device comes packed with. Without spending too much time, let’s dive in.

Feature 1 – Tip-Over Protection and Other Safety Features

This might be a new one for you; it certainly was for me. You know how the Ecoheat S is a compact and portable heater right, it is not like traditional heaters mounted to a specific place. Due to its size and portability, it creates a problem I bet you didn’t think of.

What if the device tips over and falls flat on the floor or rug? It begins over-heating and can lead to an explosion. Luckily the engineers behind this product thought about this and built in the “Tip-Over Protection” feature. 

What this means is that the device shuts down when it’s tipped over. The possible accident I speculated above is solved with just a simple feature. This is just one of the clusters of safety features packed into the device. Another safety feature is the overheat protection. This is relatively self-explanatory. If the device begins to overheat, it turns itself off.

So you can always have peace of mind when using this device, knowing fully well lots of safety measures were carried out to optimize the safety and reliability of the Ecoheat S.

Feature 2 – Oscillating Function

I like this feature a lot; I think it triples the efficiency of this device. It gives this little device the ability to heat a room as efficiently as the bigger and more expensive devices do.

This feature allows the device to rotate up to a max of 70°, meaning it can disperse the heat and warmth evenly across the room.

Feature 3 – Multiple Modes

The Ecoheat S comes with the ability to select the model you want. You can pick between High heat mode, Low heat mode, and fan mode.

This is a cool feature because it extends the use of the Ecoheat beyond just being a “heater” during the cold periods. It can also be used when the weather is warm or hot by switching the mode to “Fan Mode”, in this mode, the device disperses normal air (no heating).

Feature 4 – Easy to Use

Technically speaking, this isn’t a feature, but using this device is so simple that I regard it as a feature in my books.

All buttons you need to control this device are located at the top, and just five buttons are needed. Their functions are indicated next to each button, so you know what each one does.

There is also a digital display on the top that shows information such as the air’s current temperature the device is dispersing.


EcoHeat S is not like any other. Because of its power-saving mechanism, it is one of the eco-friendliest heaters on the market right now. Despite its small size, it provides wide-angle heating, three different heating modes, and even temperature regulation, so a user could choose the exact level of heating he or she needs!

This device does not use much electricity yet provides excellent quality and safe service. EcoHeat S is manufactured using PTC ceramic heating elements that provide fast heating and higher thermal efficiency. You’ll feel the heat flowing almost instantly! Even more, tip-over and overheat protection ensure that your home, surroundings, and family stay safe at all times the device is used! And if all these things mentioned above were not enough, what about this—the device can turn itself around and provides exceptional heat coverage to all the objects in the reachable field!


The installation process is relatively simple:

Plug the device in.

  • Click the “Turn” button to turn the heater on (as shown in the picture).
  • Adjust your personal desired settings using the control panel.

And that’s it, now get ready to heat up!


Everyone will enjoy the benefits that EcoHeat S brings! Although this modern device was created focusing on surviving cold winters in an eco-friendly way, it would still be a perfect addition to the daily life of anyone who’s always cold. Stay warm, happy, and carefree with EcoHeat S! And you know what the best thing is? EcoHeat S is affordable to anyone and is even available 50% off for now!

Customer reviews and opinions

it is time to know what other customers think about it. With this, you can make a sound and informed decision on if you want to purchase the device.

“It is a major player and has a great price”

One happy customer mentioned that he bought the device as a gift for his wife, who said she wanted a more cozy and warm bathroom. After using the product for a couple of weeks, both said they were very impressed with it. He says that he finds it surprising how a heater this small can pull such a significant weight. Moreover, he mentioned that it makes the bathroom feel very warm in a very short time. He concludes by saying he recommends it to anyone in need to warm a small place very fast.

“I absolutely love it and take it with me everywhere I go”

Yet another customer says she finds it very useful in so many ways. For example, she says she always carries it in her bag when going to the local library to study. Moreover, she explained that the library does not have the heating capacity to warm their entire space. However, this little device works wonders. She said that all she does is plug it in the outlet in front of her, and it does a great job at keeping her warm in the vicinity of her workspace.

“It is perfect as a desk heater”

Another person who has purchased this device said that she is delighted with it. She says that she always has it with her wherever she goes and uses it daily at the office. Furthermore, she mostly finds it useful when she needs to warm her hands without heating the entire room. And since the device is made to heat the air right in front of it, this is the perfect example to use it anywhere you want and whenever you need it.

“It does a great job”

Last but not least, one customer confessed that he loves using it when he is home alone. Using this device, he does not find it necessary to turn on the central air conditioner or the central heating to warm the whole house. He just plugs in the EcoHeat S, and the device alone is more than enough. The heater has decreased the heating bill!


EcoHeat S is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

**Note – The Ecoheat S guys are currently running a special offer.**

Buy 2 Ecoheat S for the price of 1. In other words, they are running a 50% off promotion. I don’t know how long this promo will last, but I think it will be best to get it now if you’re interested in avoiding paying the full price later.


In summary, the Ecoheat S is a portable heater made of high-grade fire-retardant ceramic, designed with a premium finish.

It has three modes: high heat, low heat, and Fan mode meaning there is always a mode that suits the particular climate of the day. You can get this to warm yourself during winter and use it during the summer by using the fan mode. It comes packed with multiple safety features that are discussed above.

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