Drone X pro will make your vloging more fun and convenient

One can find an end number of options in the world of drones. Quadcopter drones are currently one of the most popular trends in recent years. It can be surveying landscapes, industrial filming, or just for adventure, drones are the right choice. This is the reason drones are available in different sizes, shapes, and prices. Some of them are best for fun and play, and others are suitable for industrial filming.
If you plan to buy a drone, then there is a perfect choice, and it is DroneX Pro. This drone comes with a sleek design and is made from high-tech features. You will get a futuristic feel if you use this DroneX Pro drone. If you are a typical photo enthusiast, you will find all the features required in DroneX Pro.

Drone X pro

The drone x pro is a beautifully designed drone — it is modeled from another popular high-end drone, but I digress. The drone x pro is a high-quality drone, designed beautifully, and it boasts a lot of cool features, as you can see from the video above. But that’s not all.
Its main value proposition is that it combines all those cool features and gives you access to them at a low price when compared to other drones with their capabilities. If that was too much chit chat for you, just know this. The drone X pro is high quality that sells for a low price. That is its whole thing, and it’s paying little for a large amount of value.
But what exactly makes it high quality? What value does it give exactly? I’m glad you asked, let’s take a look then, you decide if you like it or not.

DroneX Pro-Specifications

The DroneX Pro makes use of 2.4GHz, and it features Wi-Fi FPV.
It includes a 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery, and it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
It also comes with a micro SD card slot, and the charging time is roughly 60-70 mins.
The gyroscope is 6-axis, and the flying time of DroneX Pro is between 7-10 mins.
DroneX Pro can offer steady control in a distance of about 80-100 m
About 50 m is the distance for clear FPV.
DroneX Pro comes in black color.
The camera in DroneX Pro is 2MP 720P HD with the result of wide-angle 1200
DroneX Pro can produce images with around 0.3 mp.
LED lights are present in DroneX Pro
The app of this DroneX Pro supports both iPhone and Android.
Quadcopter size was 27×19.5x5cm and 12.5×7.5x5cm when blades folded.
The package size is 17.5x16x7cm, and the package weight is 360g

What you will get in the box?

There will be four propeller blades in the package. These spare blades are very helpful in case DroneX Pro crashes and you need extra blades.
The DroneX Pro also comes with a storage bag. So, you can store the drone to avoid the collection of dust.
DroneX Pro also comes with the right screwdriver for fixing the propellers.
USB cable and a user manual
7V battery
If needed, you can also buy propeller guards.

DroneX Pro-Technical Features

Here is a list of DroneX Pro features.


DroneX Pro comes with an attractive, lightweight design. This is why it is effortless to carry, and especially when it is folded, you feel very comfortable holding this drone. DroneX Pro just fits your palm. You can easily carry this DroneX Pro in your pocket. So, DroneX Pro is suitable for outdoor use and even for travel. If you choose DroneX Pro, you can forget about all other heavy drone models.

Foldable design

This is the best feature of DroneX Pro, which makes it stand out in the group. It has a collapsible joint, and you can easily fold it between frames through the holding body and propellers. The propeller blades present in DroneX Pro are highly flexible. That is why you can easily fold DroneX Pro and carry it the way you want.


There is an onboard camera in DroneX Pro, and it is of 2 megapixels. You can record videos and take photos in 720p HD. The camera can support 720p HD resolution, and you can expect a wide-angle with 1200. If you use panoramic mode, you can capture 3600 images just in a single click.

Flight time

DroneX Pro features a pretty decent flight time compared to other pocket-sized drone models. Using drones Pro, you can film for at least 10 minutes at the fully charged battery. It takes 70 minutes to charge the battery, and if you need more flight time, you need to keep spare batteries.


This drone model offers advanced stabilization algorithms. If you are flying DroneX Pro in turbulent conditions, then it can maintain its course considerably. There is no need to gain a lot of skills to blown away this DroneX Pro drone. It has all the required features to make timed and smoother shots.


Since the Propellers are collapsible, you can expect high durability from DroneX Pro. The outer covering of DroneX Pro is very strong, and it has proven highly resilient.

Control options

DroneX Pro comes with its remote control, but you can also control this DroneX Pro from your smartphone. You will feel it convenient to use a smartphone to control DroneX Pro when it is out of sight. This is because you will be getting real-time feed about its location. Usage of the remote control is convenient when you are flying it in the open air, and it is visible.

Who Is This Best Suited For

Like I said above, it is best suited for those who are just getting into drone photography and maybe just want to get a low budget drone to test it out before investing in more expensive ones. But that’s not all.
If you are a hobbyist and just want a drone you can use for fun, this is an excellent option. Looking for an inexpensive but valuable gift for a friend? or Wanting to get your kid a premium drone that won’t break the bank? Then the Drone X Pro is a perfect option for you.

Customer Feedback

Here are some of the reviews that can help one get a clear idea about the product.
“I tried various drones for my photography passion. However, with the DroneX Pro only I could get the desired results. It meets all my needs and hence proves the best for me. Shane”
“I have checked many drones in the market but some are costly while some are not a quality product. I,t is only Dronex Pro that offers all features which I need. Thanks, DroneX Pro -Kevin”


If you are a beginner in flyDronesones, then DroneX Pro is the best choice for you. The main reason behind this is, there is no need to gain special skills for flying DroneX Pro. If you plan to capture simple videos and shots with ease, then DroneX Pro is the right choice.

Compared to many other miniaturized drones, DroneX Pro has a better camera and features. You will like DroneX Pro and its stability, design, and ease of use. Most users like the range offered by DroneX Pro. If you compare DroneX Pro with other pocket-sized drones, they provide a transmission range of about 30m. You can control this DroneX Pro through your smartphone as well. You can easily carry this DroneX Pro drone since it fits your pocket. For accidental damages, it also comes with spare propeller blades.
If you are up for an adventure, DroneX Pro is the right choice for you. You should try this DroneX Pro drone if you love to capture photos and videos using a drone.

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