ActivBeat 2.0: Best Budget-Friendly Noise Cancelling Headphone

ActivBeat 2.0! one of the best active noise cancelation headphones. It is competing among the market of beats, JBL, and many more.

Today, we will talk about ActivBeat 2.0 and all about its qualities and features. We all talk about why you should buy it, and why it might be the best option for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Lately, have you been looking to buy a wireless headphone that is comfy and qualities at the same time? It doesn’t matter if you love to listen to songs while traveling or to go to places, relax at home, or catch up on radio shows. ActivBeat 2.0 can prove itself worth your time and attention. The remarkable features will blow your mind itself, let alone the price of $ 99.

What is ActivBeat 2.0

A unique combination of excellent sound quality and unbeatable over-ear design will make you fall in love with ActivBeat 2.0. This terrific headphone is enough to make you tap your feet, jumping in the air while listening to songs. Compared to the other headphones in the market, which are unnecessarily expensive, ActivBeat 2.0 will impress you. It will provide you the privilege of a beautiful alternative of sound and premium quality of the big brands.

You no longer have to pay a high price to get Bluetooth headphones. With, ActivBeat 2.0, you will be able to enjoy a wireless headphone of premium quality while paying an affordable price.

Key Points 

Active Noise Cancellation

Immersive Surrounding Stereo Sound

High-End Bass From 57mm Speakers

No Sweating, Breathing Design

650 Hours Smart Standby

Type-C USB Charging Port

Features of ActivBeat 2.0

Vector Flow Technology: The ActivBeat 2.0 was given such a unique design so that both ear cups of the headphone can propel out air with the ventilated back chamber. While doing so, the headphone equalizes the pressure on your both ears. As a result, you receive an enhanced reproduction of base and unparalleled sound quality.

ANC Technology: ActivBeat 2.0 was designed to adopt the most advanced Active Noice Cancelation technology and algorithm. This technology actively measures all of your surrounding noises and then compares them. Then, it reacts to those sounds by canceling them with the same amount of opposite frequency signal. Hence, you get a combination of exceptional noise canceling and sound as clear as ice. 

Oval over-ear design: ActivBeat 2.0 accompanies a plan condition with premium materials and oval headphones that sit pleasantly around your ears. The result is extraordinary-looking headphones with excellent comfort. You can wear the headphones for quite a long time and not stress out from exhaustion.

Bluetooth 4.2: ActivBeat 2.0 earphone is outfitted with the most recent Bluetooth variant 4.2, which makes these future proof in innovation. You get the most incredible battery life because of low force utilization, which implies you can leave your charger back when you head on long journeys with your ActivBeat 2.0 earphones.

New design, new colors: The design of ActivBeat 2.0 earphones are made to match up with your preferences and make a smooth design explanation about your style. This is the most exquisite headphone in the headphone category. It comes in two colors and a rotatable design.


ActiveBeat 2.0 is one of the most useful headphone sources that is exceptionally popular. Perhaps the headset’s best component is that it can remove all the shock appeal, making it exceptionally simple for one person to get the ideal sound quality. Similarly, it can be attached to any Bluetooth device. Headphones have an exceptional component of being remote and useful to your customers. The headset can limit any twisting sound. It also makes a point to provide its customers with various types of recurrence, such as high, medium, and low.

ActiveBeat 2.0 can work with various types of sound. The headphones are very fashionable and come in various shades. A person can usually stream the headphones during an excursion or even in the library. It makes a point to remove all the clamor for overabundance from the outside world and bring the best quality of music to an individual’s ear. Plus, it has a significantly superior bass frame for bass lovers. Also, it has a charging port from where an individual can effortlessly charge the headphones. It is entirely reliable.

ActiveBeat 2.0 has exceptionally great use as it brings comfort to your client in the ear. By the time the device is fully energized, it can run for 27 days, which is excellent. The earphone makes a point to interact with the Bluetooth to listens to the best type of music. The headphones can be in backup mode for almost 30 days. The headset has a unique element of being good with any kind of gadgets like Android or iOS. The charging port for the headphones is the USB C port.

ActivBeat 2.0 Technical Specs:

Wireless Bluetooth 4.2

Active Noise Cancellation

Immersive Surrounding Stereo Sound

High-End Bass From 57mm Speakers

No Sweating, Breathing Design

650 Hours Smart Standby

16 Hours Music

Fast Charge 10 Min for 3 Hours of Music

Type-C USB Charging Port

Compatible with iPhone & Android

ActivBeat 2.0 Packaging

So, what do you get when you buy an ActiveBeat 2.0. You will find the following inside the packaging of the headphone.

ActivBeat 2.0 headphones

3.5mm turn Type-C audio cable

USB Type-C charging cable

Carrying case with buckle

Drawstring carry bag

User manual

ActivBeat 2.0 Pros & Cons


Very comfortable

Works with any smartphone with a Bluetooth connection

Uses advanced technology for the active noise cancellation system

Excellent wireless range

Very long battery life


Available only online

If stock runs low, you may need to wait up to 2 weeks for your headphones.

Final thoughts

Buying noise-canceling headphones can help you enjoy your music for hours without interruption. You need comfortable enough ones to wear for hours, and no sound enters the noise-canceling features. If you want quality headphones, you’ll want to start with ActivBeat 2.0. The ActivBeat 2.0 headphones will block external interference while making the sounds produce some of the best you’ve ever heard. For more information, click here to buy.

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